As the premier investment institution in Malaysia, PNB adheres to the highest level of governance and strives to engage its investee companies and key stakeholders in generating sustainable long-term value creation.

Investee companies in which PNB and the unit trust funds under its management holds a majority or single largest stake are classified as Strategic companies, while companies with more than 10% stake or more than RM1 billion in value are classified as Core companies.

As one of the largest institutional investors, PNB exercises its stewardship responsibilities to ensure its investee companies practise good corporate governance to deliver sustainable long-term shareholder value. PNB has taken steps to increase transparency, leading towards greater accountability, while ensuring all decision-making is carried out objectively, and that relevant governance issues are addressed accordingly via PNB Stewardship Framework. Click here for more info on PNB Stewardship Framework.

Selected Core Companies